Tobacco-Free Coalitions

Mississippi State Department of Health, Office of Tobacco Control provides funding for the Mississippi Tobacco-Free Coalitions (MTFCs). The MTFCs are community-based coalitions that work to prevent the initiation of tobacco use among youth, reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, promote tobacco cessation services, and eliminate tobacco-related disparities. The coalitions partner with schools, faith-based and community service organizations, businesses, and a number of health advocacy organizations to provide education and resources to the communities that they serve, and provide assistance to Mississippi municipalities in working towards comprehensive smoke-free ordinances.

The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi currently houses three MTFC Coalitions. They are as follows:

  • MTFC of Amite, Pike, and Wilkinson Counties
  • MTFC of Madison, Yazoo, and Holmes Counties
  • MTFC of LeFlore, Carroll, and Humphreys Counties


Activities that MTFC Coalitions conduct in their communities are:

  • Catch My Breath (Evidence-Based Curriculum in schools and the communities)
  • Monthly Awareness Presentation
  • Advocacy Activities
  • Freedom from Smoking (Cessation Program for multi-unit housing and low income adults)
  • Merchant Training (Awareness Training for businesses to comply with Tobacco Laws (T21)

They also participate in other nationally observed activities, such as:

  • Great American Smokeout (November)
  • Takedown Tobacco (formerly Kick Butts Day, March)
  • No Menthol Sunday (May)