The Partnership Power Hour Podcast

The Partnership Power Hour is a biweekly podcast designed to empower Mississippians, educate Mississippi communities, and connect them with statewide resources.

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Episode 3: Heart HealthMaking an Impact 2022: American Heart Association
Episode 4: What to Do in an EmergencyFive Steps to Survive Emergencies
Episode 6: Nutritional WellnessThe Institute of Child Nutrition | WIC Nutritional Program | eWIC Cards
Episode 7: Healthy Living with MSU Ext.Master Gardeners | Dining with Diabetes | Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers
Episode 8: Children’s Advocacy Centers of MississippiAbuse Indicator Resource Guide | Hygiene and Mental Health | Report Human Trafficking
Episode 10: Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia with The MIND CenterThe MIND Center Resource Presentation