Health & Wellness

Just Have a Ball

The mission of Just Have A Ball is to increase the opportunities for Mississippi elementary students to be physically active. Just Have A Ball is a simple, but effective tool for combating childhood obesity. Just Have A Ball supports a child’s natural tendency towards play as a method for staying physically fit and active. Exercise sounds hard and daunting, but play is fun and accomplishes the same results! Research confirms that play not only keeps our children happy and healthy, but it also helps to stimulate brain development and attentiveness in children. Play also promotes social interaction that leads to skill development in coping, conflict resolution, creative thinking, communication, and imagination.

Farm to School

The Partnership has been working on Farm to School initiatives for several years to assist local farmers with the processes of selling fresh, nutritious, local foods to schools and school districts. We also visit schools to offer taste tests of the foods to students and administrators. For more information contact LaCiana McIntyre at