Reject All Tobacco (RAT) is our tobacco prevention program designed to empower youth in grades K-6 to make healthy lifestyle decisions by educating them on the dangers of tobacco and other harmful substances. Schools and community groups are encouraged to organize youth teams that participate in a variety of educational activities that help youth make healthy choices. Participation in the RAT program also boosts self-esteem and allows youth to be positive role models for their peers and future generations.

Terrance the RAT, our lovable mascot, delivers age-appropriate lessons about the dangers of tobacco use to youth through our printed materials, television commercials and live shows. Terrance leads the celebrated RAT Pack, a cadre of high school performers from across the state, in a high-energy song and dance routine used to reinforce the lessons taught in the classroom and promoted through the program’s television campaign. Our interactive web site,¬†, provides an additional outlet for teacher resources and educational activities.

The RAT program is funded by a grant from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

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