Executive Staff

Sandra Shelson, Executive Director
601.420.4500 (Office)
601.360.8714 (Electronic Fax)

Dara Bariola, Chief Operations and Fiscal Officer
601.420.4488 (Office)
601.360.8714 (Electronic Fax)

Rhonda Shirley, Government Relations Director
601.420.4491 (Office)
601.360.8714 (Electronic Fax)

Generation FREE Staff

Edward Moak, Youth Engagement Coordinator
601.420.4503 (Office)

601.360.8716 (Electronic Fax)

Christina Spann, Youth Engagement Coordinator
601.420.4492 (Office)
601.360.8716 (Electronic Fax)

MS Tobacco-Free Coalition of Madison, Yazoo and Holmes Counties

Sharon Nettles, Project Director
601.420.4499 (Phone)
601.360.8715 (Electronic Fax)

Cherri Hines, Program Assistant
601.420.2414 (Office)
601.360.8715 (Electronic Fax)

MS Tobacco-Free Coalition of Leflore, Humphreys and Carroll Counties

Deseriee Norwood, Project Director

MS Tobacco-Free Coalition of Pike, Amite and Wilkinson

Tabitha Wilson, Project Director

Health and Wellness Staff

LaCiana McIntyre, Director
601.420.4490 (Office)
601.360.8714 (Electronic Fax)

D’Angelique Lister, School Health Coordinator (Jackson)
601.420.4495 (Office)
601.360.8717 (Electronic Fax)

Kayleigh Shorter, School Health Coordinator (East Biloxi)