Mississippi Tobacco-Free Coalition Project Director Pike, Amite & Wilkinson Counties.



Function and Scope of Position

The MS Tobacco- Free Coalition Project Director for Pike, Amite, and Wilkinson (PAW) Counties is directly responsible to the Executive Director for The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi. The Coalition Project Director is assigned certain duties listed below as well as other tasks and projects deemed necessary in performing daily operations of the organization.

The Coalition Project Director is responsible for:

Program Development:

  1. Overseeing all of the objectives as required by the MS State Department of Health MS Tobacco-Free Coalition for the targeted counties. Such duties to include but not limited to:
    • –  Developing, implementing and monitoring the MTFC annual work plan, monthly activities/events,etc.;
    • –  Establish and maintain active and diverse coalition/board membership(s);
    • –  Establish and coordinating programmatic events/presentations, as required in the scope of work;
    • –  Distribute program information and updates, as needed regarding community events;
    • –  Recruit additional grassroots partners through presentations, organizational networking and assist insustaining an active database in the targeted counties;
    • –  Recruit faith-based partners to implement and conduct PHM programs as required in the scope ofwork;
    • –  Compile evaluation data for PHM programs and other related evaluation needs of grant;
    • –  Input all coalition activities, presentations, etc. on online data system;
    • –  Work with MS State Department of Health- Communication Department regarding the release ofpublic information, incentive approval, media placement, etc.
  2. Working with PHM Communications to keep PHM website and other social media outlets current.
  3. Overseeing and developing timeline for all MTFC print materials in a timely manner, as requested andapproved by OTC.
  4. Traveling to targeted counties for training and technical assistance to the participating community,coalition recruitment, program development and implementation.

Overall Program Support/Technical Support:

  1. Developing and monitoring the MTFC annual budgets, weekly expenditures and year end projections with the assistance of Chief Fiscal/Operations Officer.
  2. Assisting with the preparation and delivery of monthly/year-end programmatic and fiscal reports, as required by MS State Department of Health.
  3. Assisting PHM Youth Program’s staff in the planning of PHM special events, as requested.
  4. Conducting presentations, health fairs, teacher training, team activities, etc. on the behalf of ThePartnership, as requested by the Executive Director.
  5. Responsible for completing and submitting request for proposal for MSDH grant funding and/or otherfunding opportunities;
  6. Providing coalition information for PHM Newsletter, as requested by PHM Communications.
  7. Working in coordination with PHM to expand program area into other public health related areas.
  8. Responsible for the daily scheduling and working directly with Information Specialist for programsupport.
  9. Assisting with other PHM projects as directed.

The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi

Education Required:

Skills Required:

Position Specifications

Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Health Education or Administration, and/or a minimum of (5) years experience in developing, implementing and maintaining community and/or youth programs/projects, training, and event coordination or related professional experience.

Time management, self-motivation, excellent written and oral communication, self- directed, team oriented, basic computer literacy (Microsoft Office), and a commitment to the organization’s mission.

To apply email your cover letter and resume to