Mississippians for Health and Wellness

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The Mississippians for Health and Wellness Coalition (MSHW) serves as the statewide coalition for addressing policy, prevention, and management issues related to obesity with a goal of promoting positive health initiative efforts across the state in the most unified, effective and non-redundant manner with the overall goal of reducing the prevalence of obesity in Mississippi. The mission of MSHW is to influence and promote environments that support the progress of reducing the impact of the obesity epidemic in Mississippi

The obesity epidemic has serious health, economic, and social consequences for individuals, communities, and the state of Mississippi in its entirety. The recognition of these consequences as a statewide coalition will support efforts to characterize and understand the problem more fully, to take evidence-based and innovative actions, and to assure progress in obesity prevention. Because of the undeniable correlation between chronic disease and obesity, we at The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi believe that a statewide effort is necessary to successfully combat the prevalence of obesity in the state, in turn decreasing the prevalence of chronic disease.

To find out more about the coalition or to join MSHW in its statewide efforts, contact myh@healthy-miss.org or 601-420-2414.